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Mama walrus and little walrus.

The yacht was between the islands of the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. A married couple is resting on the ice. From a distance it seems that they are all well. Mom, baby, personal ice and a rare arctic sun. But in fact, not everything is so simple ...

If you look closely, there is a lot of red snow under the baby. Blood. He's on the back because he's trying to reduce the pain. Adult walruses pierced his back with their tusks.

The main herd is near. Lezha in three hundred meters on a large ice floe. But after the wounded baby - my mother chose to retire. There is no danger - there are still many meetings with sharp tusks. But the wound should be healed immediately.
National Park "Russian Arctic". Barencevo sea. Franz Josef Land. Expedition "Archipelago of the Arctic" organized by the Association "Marine Heritage".


The Franz Josef Land Archipelago

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