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Lone Mallard.

The mallard were alone on the whole forest lake Pyöreälampi in Oulanka National Park in Finland. I just sit on the shore with my wide angle and to make some landscape shots came down closer to the water. Than duck comes from the water and sits less than in a 1 meter from me. I, literally can touch her feathers. That was a moment of truth and trust. I felt unity with nature. The mallard in the front completes the landscape. I always appreciate opportunity to make not just animal's portrait, but the whole biosphere, animal and its natural habitat.


Pyöreälampi, Oulanka National Park, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Camera details

Nikon d800, 16-35mm, 35mm, f/4, 1/100sec., ISO 400.
4.10.2016. 4:34pm


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